Sustainable Sandhills maintains a partnership with Cumberland County Schools called the Go Green Initiative. This program aims to create resilient environmental, economic, and social resources for current and future generations. Together, using our mutual resources, we are bringing sustainability to our educational and Cumberland County community. To learn more about the Go Green Initiative, click here.


Schools can also work with the director of Go Green Schools to become a Certified Green School. During the certification process, schools develop sustainability plans from a checklist and menu of strategies. 


The Certified Green School sustainability plan addresses five areas. One area of focus is promoting environmental awareness and education to that particular school’s community. This includes celebrating Earth Day, participating in activities during Energy Awareness Month and America Recycles day. Each school makes sure that reducing, reusing, and recycling are integrated into and modeled by everyone in daily activities. Other areas of focus are pollution control, waste reduction and recycling, water conservation and efficiency, and energy conservation and efficiency. Each school develops green teams including faculty, custodial staff, parents, and students. Some schools even have energy conservation patrols or student green teams to help decrease waste. 


The 2021 Green Certified Schools will be announced here soon!