The World Climate Simulation is a mock-United Nations activity that allows students to step into the roles of UN delegates from across the globe and negotiate a plan to reduce the impacts of climate change. Using advanced computer programs called C-ROADS and EN-ROADS (which are actually used by the UN and other federal and international agencies), students at high school and college levels will act as representatives from different blocs of nations and work toward plans that include peaking greenhouse gas emissions in their respective countries, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preventing deforestation – all with a common goal to mitigate global warming.

Sustainable Sandhills offers in-class instruction with the option to add a three-hour public event (virtual or in-person) to be held at your high school or university.

Our World Climate Simulation service is $1,000 and includes:

• Consultation with participating teachers and professors prior to the activity
• In-class instruction (includes one 90 minute session of interactive lecture on climate change impacts and one (or two, if necessary) 90 minute interactive simulation session(s))
• Facilitation of a three-hour public event (includes interactive lecture on climate change impacts, simulation and group discussion), where students from other high schools and universities across the state will join in on the fun

Consultation and in-class instruction ONLY as described above is $650.

Sustainable Sandhills has been hosting World Climate Simulations at Fayetteville State University for three years, and both professors and students praise the activity, calling it “interesting,” “unique,” “thought-provoking” and “a valuable learning opportunity.”

The World Climate Simulation is a great way to encourage your students to interact with each other and their peers and to instill leadership and problem-solving skills with a global and forward-thinking perspective. The Simulation is also an excellent means for achieving Service Learning or volunteer hours, and it is appropriate for a wide range of disciplines including sustainability, environmental management, ecology, economics, political science, law, leadership studies, international studies and many more. For the public Simulation, students will even have a chance to participate in the production of an event and perform tasks such as marketing, group facilitating and other important duties.

Learn more about the World Climate Simulation HERE.

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