What is the Sustainable Sandhills Carbon Bank?

The Sustainable Sandhills Carbon Bank is a collaboration between Sustainable Sandhills and Cumberland County Schools.  It was started as an initiative to improve local air quality, reduce urban heat island and sequester carbon. The Carbon Bank is comprised of more than 2000 Loblolly and Long Leaf pine trees at three Cumberland County Public school sites; Educational Resource Center, Sunnyside Elementary, and Gallberry Farm Elementary School.

A Carbon Bank is a planting of trees or other vegetative materials that are nourished to grow and sequester carbon. Carbon sequestered in the bank can then be sold as carbon credits or offsets to consumers and industry as part of their climate action plans. Our community reaps the environmental and financial benefits.

How much carbon has been sequestered?

With your help, we can approximate how much Carbon has been sequestered. Each January we call upon volunteers help us with data collection at the carbon bank.

Can I buy carbon credits from the Sustainable Sandhills carbon bank?

At this time we are seeking a carbon credits broker for our carbon bank. If you are a carbon credits broker please reach out to us info@sustainablesandhills.org.