You can join in our litter reduction effort by taking the pledge to pick up five pieces of litter every Friday! The 5 For Friday initiative is a collaborative effort between Cumberland County, the City of Fayetteville, and Sustainable Sandhills to reduce the amount of litter in the county. Individuals and businesses can take the pledge by clicking HERE. Businesses that sign onto the pledge will be given a window sticker to help advertise their commitment to the environment to their customers. To claim your business’s window sticker, email Anna Chott at



  • “Reduce and refuse.” Refuse disposable straws, takeout utensils, plastic takeout bags, and plastic grocery bags. Bring your own bags!
  • Ask your favorite restaurants to always check if customers need utensils with their takeout, to use paper bags instead of plastic for takeout, and to use QR codes instead of disposable menus.
  • Cover your load if you are transporting items that can blow out of your vehicle. It’s the law!
  • When you absolutely must use disposable items, recycle them. If you live in a multi-family complex, Fayetteville has an ordinance requiring that a recycling receptacle be provided. You can follow up if your complex is out of compliance with the ordinance.
  • Refuse bottled water! It takes 3 times as much water to produce the bottle as the bottle can hold. Tap water has tighter restrictions and inspection regimens than bottled water.
  • Use reusable lids, beeswax wrap, or silicone baking mats instead of aluminum foil and plastic wrap.
  • If you see littering occur on NC roads, you can report the license plate number to the NCDOT either by clicking the “Swat a Litterbug” button on the FayFixIt app, clicking here, or calling 1-800-331-5864. Fines for littering in Fayetteville range from $100-$2,000 and can include community service.
  • If you see illegal dumping occur in Cumberland County, you can report it by calling the Environmental Hotline at 910-438-4075.
  • Don’t dump old furniture! Click HERE for a list of local thrift stores that offer FREE pickup for usable furniture, appliances, cabinetry, sinks, doors, and windows. You can also shop at these stores to help keep usable furniture out of landfills.
  • For other bulky waste items, those who live in a home or multi-family residence in Fayetteville can call 910-433-1329 for free pickup of almost any item. Those who live outside of Fayetteville can utilize the county’s 16 container sites. To find the location closest to you, click HERE. Furniture, mattresses, and construction debris can only be disposed of at the Ann St. Landfill.